Hand Painted Olive Oil Bottles

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HAND PAINTED BOTTLES with convenient pour spout.

For OLIVE OIL: Everyone is cooking with olive oil these days and using it as a bread dip - add a little fresh minced garlic - yum! But what to do with the big tin? This attractive bottle with its convenient pour spout goes from stove to table with ease. You'll wonder how you got along without it!

For DISH SOAP: At the shows - my smaller bottles got snapped up almost as fast as I could make them - and I soon found out that people really liked the bottles to have near the sink as an attractive alternative to the plastic. I also can match china sets and kitchen colors, if you like.

For SYRUPS, VINEGARS, OTHER OILS (Imagine almonds on almond oil, corn on corn oil, etc. - all on an attractive tray, out by your stove!) You are only limited by your imagination!

I use mostly recycled bottles, of all colors and sizes. I paint them with special enamels. I then bake the finished bottles to set the colors and make them dishwasher safe.

As of April 2004, I only paint to order. My current pictures are of my old show stock. As I paint to order, I will be replacing the old pictures with the new, more wonderful images. My designs include olives, garlic, red peppers (and mixtures of these images,) strawberries, blueberries, flowering herbs - just about anything botanical, including all flowers and fruit. I don't do any mammals. Possibly some scenery - but you'll be happiest with my botanical images.

So let's talk - - due to illness and travel - there may be up to 6-week lead-time for a bottle - so think ahead for the holidays! To get started - send me an e-mail right off the web page. Prices start at about $15.00.

Here's a picture gallery of some more of Louise's hand painted bottles.

You will probably want to contact Louise to discuss what you want and get a price, product #, and description. Include that information below.

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